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Drag and Drop



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Internal (from ST/X Window to another ST/X Window)

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External Drop (from some other application into ST/X)

See implementors of alienDrop:position:.
This method first asks the application via the canDrop:in:at: message; then, if true is answered, performs the drop via drop:in:at: message.
In your application, you have to redefine canDrop:in:at: (or its simpler variant, canDrop:in:) to return true, and also redefine drop:in:at: (or its simpler variant, drop:in:) to do the actual drop.

The argument passed is either a dropContext object or a collection of dropObject. (this confusion results from some backward compatibility issues and will be removed in future version - for now, add a check on the arguments type).

If the application is not willing to handle the drop, there is still a chance that the widget itself knows how to do it (for example, an editor might know how to drop text, without a need for the application to know about details).
Therefore, after asking the application, the widget tree is asked along the superview chain in a similar manner.

External Drag (from ST/X to some other application)

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