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Lisp Interpreter


These classes implement a simple Lisp interpreter.
To avoid interference with the rest of the system, these classes have been installed under the "Lisp" namespace.


See the class documentation of "Lisp::LispInterpreter", and
Use the source - Luke.


To open a lisp workspace:
    Lisp::LispInterpreter open
To evaluate a lisp expression:

    result := Lisp::LispInterpreter 
		evaluateFrom:'(cons (car `(1 2 3)) `(3 4))'.
    result inspect


This addOn package is NOT to be considered part of the base ST/X system. It is provided physically with the ST/X delivery, but only for your convenience.

Legally, it is a freeware or public domain goody, as specified in the goodies copyright notice (see the goodies source).

No Warranty

This goody is provided AS-IS without any warranty whatsoever.


Ported from the MEI package as found in the smalltalk archives.

Copyright (C) 1995-1997 AOKI Atsushi
Atsushi Aoki,
Software Research Associates, Inc.
1113 Spruce Street, Suite 502
Boulder, Colorado 80302 the U.S.A.


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