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SmaCC Compiler-Compiler Framework


These classes implement another framework for compiler construction. They provide generators for scanners and parsers, and includes sample code for smalltalk, java and C.

Documentation (from the Squeak Wiki)

Summary: SmaCC (Smalltalk Compiler-Compiler) is a freely available parser generator for Smalltalk.
Current version: 1.0 gamma
Known Bugs: Homepage: "http://www.refactory.com/Software/SmaCC/index.html"
Download: "http://www.emergent.de/smacc/smaccDevelopment.sar"


SmaCC (Smalltalk Compiler-Compiler) is a freely available parser generator for Smalltalk. Use this package if you want to develop a new parser/scanner/compiler.

It is a replacement for the T-Gen parser generator. T-Gen has several limitations that make it difficult to produce parsers. SmaCC overcomes T-Gen's limitations. For example, SmaCC can generate parsers for ambiguous grammars and grammars with overlapping tokens. Both of these are not possible using T-Gen. In addition to handling more grammars than T-Gen, SmaCC has a smaller runtime than T-Gen and is faster than T-Gen.

Use the tutorial as a starter. Take care to accept the code via CMD-s in the Text-Fields.

Use the source - Luke.


See the classes in the "SmaCC-Parsers" category.


This addOn package is NOT to be considered part of the base ST/X system. It is provided physically with the ST/X delivery, but only for your convenience.

Legally, it is a freeware or public domain goody, as specified in the goodies copyright notice (see the goodies source).

No Warranty

This goody is provided AS-IS without any warranty whatsoever.


Found in the smalltalk/squeak archives.

John Brant

Markus Gaelli

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