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Display ST/X Views in Alien Windows


This goody allows for ST/X views to play within an alien window;
i.e. a window provided by some other application.
This allows for smalltalk applications to be started within some other application, usually a non-smalltalk program (typically motif or Xt based).


Requires the 'rdoit' goody to be loaded and an RDoIt server process to be running.


Use the source (in "goodies/stxInExternalWindow") - Luke.


A simple example, where a C-program opens a window and lets ST/X open a clock or workspace inside of it is provided.
Use this as a starting point to write wrappers for your application (i.e. motif, Xt, Tcl or other wrappers).

No Warranty

This goody is provided AS-IS without any warranty whatsoever.



Claus Gittinger

Copyright © 1999 eXept Software AG


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