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XML Parser(s)


These goodies implement XML Parsers and provide hierarchies of classes to represent XML documents/objects.

For historic reasons, there are actually three packages included, each one implementing an XML Parser and additional support classes (to represent a DOM tree, for example):

The Indelv Parser is only provided for backward compatibility, and no longer maintained. Please migrate existing projects to use one of the other parsers and do not use this one for new projects (unless you plan to maintain it yourself). We recommend using the YAXO framework for new projects.


See the files in 'goodies/xml-indelv/', 'goodies/xml-vw/' and 'goodies/xml-yaxo/' or respectively the classes found under the categories XML-Indelv, XML-VW and XML-YAXO.
Use the source - Luke.


See usage examples in the classes XMLReader and XMLWriter.


These addOn packages are NOT to be considered part of the base ST/X system. They are provided physically with the ST/X delivery, but only for your convenience.

Legally, they are freeware or public domain goodies, as specified in the corresponding goodies copyright notice.
See the licence info files found in the above goodies directories and/or the class files'.

No Warranty

These goodies are provided AS-IS without any warranty whatsoever.


Copyright © 1999 eXept Software AG


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