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OpenGL interface


This goody implements protocol to interface to the openGL 3D graphics library. Although similar to GL, this differs in its function syntax and provides much more functionality; especially, light sources, textures etc.

The openGL interface may be used both with a true GL library, or with the freely available GL replacement MESA.


Use the source - Luke.


In order to execute openGL examples, you first have to make certain, that the GL libraries is installed on your system (libGL.so, libGLU.so) or the Mesa libraries (libMesaGL.so, libMesaGLU.so) are installed along your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.
Second, make certain that the openGL interface classes have been compiled and linked against the proper GL libraries. (see the Makefile and README in $(TOP)/libopengl).

File-in the openGL classLibrary ($(TOP)/libopengl/libopengl.so).

    Smalltalk fileIn:'.../libopengl/libopengl.so'
or use the FileBrowser's fileIn menu action.

FileIn the example(s):

    Smalltalk fileIn:'.../clients/GLDemos/GLMoreCubesDemo.st'.
    Smalltalk fileIn:'.../clients/GLDemos/GLBlendingDemo.st'.
or use the FileBrowser's fileIn menu action.

Open the example:

    GLMoreCubesDemo open
    GLBlendingDemo open
or double-click on the class in the systemBrowser..


This addOn package is part of the base ST/X system, and
the copyright is held by eXept Software AG.
You are free to use it under the conditions of your ST/X licence
(i.e. commercial vs. non-commercial).

No Warranty

This goody is provided AS-IS without any warranty whatsoever.


Thomas Zwick (eXept)
Pierre Schwarz (eXept)


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