Release Notes

This page lists major bug fixes in chronological order. Only severe errors are listed here. Non severe bugs and inconveniences (which are in the queue, but not yet fixed/released) are found in the "Bug List". Compatibility-Issues for programmers are listed in the "Compatibility Notes".

New features and improvements are not listed here; please refer to "What's new in ST/X" for a list.

For each fix, the affected file and (new) revision number is listed. Your system should have fixed the corresponding bug, iff the corresponding files/classes revision number is higher or the same as the numbers listed below.

You can extract the revision numbers from your ST/X executable with the UNIX command: "ident stx".
Class revision numbers are also displayed by the "modules" view, which can be opened via the launcher's "file" menu.

If you want to send a bug report, always extract the revision(s) of the corresponding part - this helps us in tracking/fixing bugs.

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