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OS Command View

This view allows input of OS (UNIX-, DOS- or VMS-) commands. Type in a command there and enter "Return". The corresponding string will be sent to the OperatingSystem as a command and the commands output is inserted at the current cursor position in the contents view.

Commands are OS-specific; under Windows-NT/95, the command must be a DOS-Box command (such as "dir" or "nmake").
Under UNIX, it must be a valid UNIX-command (such as "ls -l" or "make").

The command view keeps a history of commands - you can select a previous command by pressing the "Cursor-UP" and "Cursor-DOWN" keys.
(you can of course edit previous commands and execute the modified command by hitting "Return".)

The OS commad is executed in the browser's current (i.e. the shown) directory (try "pwd" or "dir").

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