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The Horizontal Panel Widget

[A View of a Horizontal Panel Widget]

View Class: HorizontalPanelView
Spec Class: HorizontalPanelViewSpec

The Horizontal Panel Widget arranges other widgets horizontally.
This is especially useful for button panels or multiple selection lists (as in a file- or class browser).
You should always place buttons into a panel, to automatically handle varying button sizes (due to font size differences or national language string differences).

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The Basics Section:

ID Unique symbolic name (ID) of the box.  
This ID can be used by the application to access the widget via "builder>>componentAt:#ID".
Horizontal layout Specifies how components are arranged horizontally.
See below for a list & description.
Vertical layout Specifies how components are arranged vertically.
See below for a list & description.

The Details Section:

BG-Color Defines the background color of the widget. 
After selecting the check toggle the background color can be chosen by selecting the desired colored button. If no color  is selected, the widget takes its default background color from the style sheet.
Border Defines the width of the border.
Level Defines the width of the 3D-border. 
Positive values provide a raising, 
negative values provide a lowering of the widget.
Horizontal Space Defines the horizontal space between components.
(ignored with #spread layout)
Vertical Space Defines the vertical space between components.
Ignore invisible If on, invisible components are ignored in the layout of components.
If off, invisible components will reserve space.

Useful to avoid visible rearrangement of components when some become visible/invisible.

Initially Invisible Turns on/off that the widget is initially invisible.

Below, the arrangements are described and an example for a panel with 3 button components is shown.
Keep in mind that panels can be used with any type of component - not limited to Buttons (although, panels are most often used for buttons).

If you need some extra spacing between components, simply add an empty view with a fix extent.

Horizontal layout:

Vertical layout (shown with #left-horizontal layout):

The Help Section:

see document "Using the Help Tool"

The Layout Section:

see document "The Layout of the Widgets"

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