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Using the Resource Selection Browser



The Resource Selection Browser of ST/X allows you to browse and select methods containing the following resource specifications:

Functions of the Resource Selection Browser

After startup, a Resource Selection Browser appears as shown in the next figure:

A View of a Resource Selection Browser

  1. Tree list of the system classes

  2. This list shows hierarchically all loaded classes of the smalltalk system. By the cursor keys you can move down or up; with double-clicking on classes with a plus signs their subclasses can be listed under that class. The subclasses can be hidden by a second double-click.

  3. Entry field for the name of a class

  4. When a class has been selected this field shows the class name. Besides that, this field has a special functionality:
    You can type in the first known characters of the class you want to browse to. Then press the tab key. Now, the tool will try to find that class which name contains these starting string pattern you typed in. This process can be repeated as long as you find the desired class.

  5. Table of the resource methods

  6. This table lists all resource methods implemented in the selected class. It depends on the instancing call for the Resource Selection Browser which resource methods are shown, i.e. a filter for the resource types can be set.

  7. Entry field for the name of a selector

  8. When a resource method has been selected, this field shows the name of the selector of the resource method. If you want to save a resource specification into a new resource method, you have to type the desired name of the selector for the resource method into this field.

  9. Class Creation Button

  10. By pressing this button you creates a new class with the same superclass like the selected class.

  11. Subclass Creation Button

  12. By pressing this button you creates a new subclass of the selected class.

  13. Private Class Creation Button

  14. By pressing this button you creates a new private class of the selected class. You will be asked for a superclass by a dialog.

    All new classes get the same category as the selected class.

  15. Help Button

  16. By pressing this button a HTML-browser will be opened on this documentation file.

  17. Cancel Button

  18. By pressing this button the tool will be closed and returns nil.

  19. OK Button

  20. By pressing this button the tool will accept the selected resource method (or the name of the selector, you have typed in before). The tool returns then a String instance with the following format:

    'NameOfTheResourceClass nameOfResourceSelector'

    These message strings will be evaluated in the tools using the Resource Selection Browser in order to load or save resource specifications.

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