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The Slider Widget

A View of a Slider Widget
View Class: Slider
Spec Class: SliderSpec

The Basics Section:

ID Unique symbolic name (ID) of the widget.  
This ID can be used by the application to access the widget via
Model Aspect selector or binding for the model, holding the sliders value.
Usually a ValueModel* instance.
Min The sliders minimum value. 
Max The sliders maximum value. 
Step The sliders stepping value. 
KbdStep The sliders keyboard stepping value.
This value will be used when the cursorUp/cursorDown key is pressed in the widget.
Orientation The sliders orientation - horizontal or vertical. 

The Details Section:

BG-Color Defines the background color of the slider. 
If the check toggle is marked, the widgets background color
can be chosen by selecting the desired colored button.
If the check toggle is not marked, the widget will use its
default background color (from the style sheet).
Initially Disabled Turns on/off that the widget is initially disabled.
Initially Invisible Turns on/off that the widget is initially invisible.
Can Tab Turns on/off that the widget can be reached by tabbing.

The Channels Section:

Enable Aspect selector or binding for en/disabling the widget. 
It should return a 

    - Boolean instance** (only for static behavior) 
    - ValueModel* instance with a Boolean instance** 

If a value holder is returned by the application,
the widgets can be dynamically enabled/disabled simply
by changing the valueHolders contents.

*  = ValueHolder, AspectAdaptor, BufferedValueHolder, RangeAdaptor, TriggerValue
** = true, false


The Help Section:

see document "Using the Help Tool"

The Layout Section:

see document "The Layout of the Widgets"

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