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The Architecture

To Edit Addresses, Templates, Actions, etc.

  1. Start the server (using the ComSwiki Launcher)
  2. Bring up the window menu for the SwikiBrowser
    • This is done by pressing the icon next to the X button
  3. Select 'open swiki browser...'
Updates made in the SwikiBrowser will take immediate effect.


  • addresses are smalltalk blocks
  • for instance, swiki/4.edit has an 'edit' address
  • request, response, shelf, book and page are sent to the 'edit' page address and what returns is the page content (a string)
  • addresses are compiled and loaded into memory at startup


  • templates are the HTML files which are used by the addresses to display information
  • for instance, the default template (for viewing) is 'view' (page since it is only to be used for pages)
  • templates call actions by having the name of the action surrounded by '<?' and '?>'
    • for instance, '<?bookName?>' maps to '(book pages at: 1) showName'
    • a book template can only call book actions
    • a page template can call both book and page actions
  • templates are loaded into memory at startup


  • actions are smalltalk blocks called by templates to add functionality
  • a book action receives request, response, shelf and book
  • a page action receives request, response, shelf, book and page
  • actions are compiled and loaded into memory at startup


  • the 'setup.xml' file contains the information that the shelf will need to know to initialize that specific book.
  • setup is not inherited


  • the 'settings.xml' file contains the static objects that the Swiki will need to run, such as formatter, color scheme, file locations, etc.
  • these settings are compiled and loaded into memory at startup
  • settings are inherited


  • the shelf is the place where the requests come in. The shelf decides whether the request should be processed by a book or by itself.


  • the book holds the pages.
  • the settings for the book are values it uses during processing and can be altered.
  • the modules are things that are created at run time (usually through the initialize priv address) and are not stored.


  • the pages are processed at startup (text and old versions are not loaded into memory for memory conservation)
  • do NOT edit pages manually while the server is running since this can cause serious problems

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