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Improvements over 1.2

Large Improvements#Better Append Boxes: by including a symbol after the append +, you can slightly alter the functionality of append boxes#- ^ append area stays at top and appends go down #- _ appends are separated by lines #- + replicating appends #- @ timestamps for appends #- - appends without areas!Small Improvements#<code>code goes here</code> exception allows users to more easily post code (C, Smalltalk, XML, HTML, etc.) to a Swiki without the format conversions taking place#Dock Color Scheme: this new color scheme based on Apple's Dock for OS X should be a nice one to use#Spaces in upload names are preserved and replaced with _ (underscore) when served soas to not mess up certain browsers#The help guide was updated and the descriptions of the buttons are taken from the ALTernate tags#MVC version of the SwikiBrowser!Bug Fixes#"Sensitive" is spelled correctly on the search page#The log file format was fixed slightly (to use tab, not space)#Changed cache control to be "no-cache"#Append field needed an extra <br> for some browsers#Locking works again for the "docs" package#Aqua Color Scheme works again!Comanche Improvements#Cookie Support#Multiple Value Fields Support!Things Still Not DoneRather than wait around until everything is fixed to my liking, I've gone ahead and made this a release. There are a few things I said I would do that I have yet to. These are:#Better Form Fields: I've yet to figure out a clean/elegant way to do this#Limits on Upload Sizes: This has recently become an issue for us at Tech that will need addressing in the future

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