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Documentation of class 'BookmarkList':



Class: BookmarkList



rev: 1.14 date: 2019/07/31 15:47:30
user: cg
file: BookmarkList.st directory: libtool
module: stx stc-classLibrary: libtool

Class protocol:

o  forFileBrowser

o  forSystemBrowser

o  forWebBrowser

o  forWorkspace

accessing - defaults
o  defaultLabelForMyWorkspaces

o  defaultLabelForRecent

class initialization
o  initializeBrowserBookmarks

o  initializeFileBookmarks

o  initializeWebBookmarks

o  initializeWorkspaceBookmarks
WorkspaceBookmarks := nil.
BookmarkList initializeWorkspaceBookmarks.

instance creation
o  decodeFromLiteralArray: anArray
(comment from inherited method)
create & return a new instance from information encoded in anArray.
Redefined for faster creation.

o  new
return an initialized instance

o  readFrom: aStream onError: aBlock
(comment from inherited method)
read an object's printed representation from the argument, aStream
and return it (i.e. the stream should contain some representation of
the object which was created using #storeOn:).
The read object must be a kind of myself.
If it's not, the value of exceptionBlock is returned.
To get any object, use 'Object readFrom:...',
To get any number, use 'Number readFrom:...' and so on.
This is the reverse operation to 'storeOn:'.

WARNING: storeOn: does not handle circular references and multiple
references to the same object.
Use #storeBinary:/readBinaryFrom: for this.

o  readFromFile: aStringOrFilename

o  readFromFile: aStringOrFilename onError: aBlock

Instance protocol:

o  / label

o  fileName

o  fileName: aString

o  myWorkspaces
BookmarkList forWorkspace myWorkspaces

collection protocol
o  add: item
(comment from inherited method)
add the argument, anObject to the end of the collection
Return the argument, anObject.

o  contains: anObject
(comment from inherited method)
evaluate aOneArgBlock for each of the receiver's elements
Return true and skip remaining elements, if aBlock ever returns true,
otherwise return false.
(#anySatisfy: is a better name, because #contains: is often misread as #includes by beginners)

o  remove: item ifAbsent: block
(comment from inherited method)
remove the first element which is equal to anObject;
if found, remove and return it;
if not, return the value from evaluating exceptionBlock.
Destructive: modifies the receiver.
Uses equality compare (=) to search for the element.

o  asMenu

o  asMenuUsingBuilder: builderClass

o  literalArrayEncoding
(comment from inherited method)
encode myself as an array literal, from which a copy of the receiver
can be reconstructed with #decodeAsLiteralArray.

o  initialize
Invoked when a new instance is created.

loading & saving
o  save

o  saveOn: aStringOrFilename

o  acceptVisitor: aVisitor
Double dispatch back to the visitor, passing my type encoded in
the selector (visitor pattern)

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