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Documentation of class 'JavaScriptSourceFileWriter':



Class: JavaScriptSourceFileWriter



rev: 1.15 date: 2018/08/28 12:19:12
user: cg
file: JavaScriptSourceFileWriter.st directory: libjavascript
module: stx stc-classLibrary: libjavascript

Class protocol:

utilities - source code
o  methodTemplate

o  versionMethodTemplateForCVS
careful to avoid expansion by cvs here!

Instance protocol:

o  fileOut: aClass on: outStreamArg withTimeStamp: stampIt withInitialize: initIt withDefinition: withDefinition methodFilter: methodFilter encoder: encoderOrNil
file out my definition and all methods onto aStream.
If stampIt is true, a timeStamp comment is prepended.
If initIt is true, and the class implements a class-initialize method,
append a corresponding doIt expression for initialization.
The order by which the fileOut is done is used to put the version string at the end.
Thus, if the version string is expanded (by CVS), the characterPositions of methods should not move.
todo: code duplication with SmalltalkChunkSourceFileWriter - please refactor

o  fileOutAllDefinitionsOf: aClass on: aStream
append expressions on aStream, which defines myself and all of my private classes.

o  fileOutCategory: aCategory of: aClass except: skippedMethods only: savedMethods methodFilter: methodFilter on: aStream
file out all methods belonging to aCategory, aString onto aStream.
If skippedMethods is nonNil, those are not saved.
If savedMethods is nonNil, only those are saved.
If both are nil, all are saved. See version-method handling in
fileOut for what this is needed.

source writing
o  fileOutAllMethodsOf: aClass on: aStream methodFilter: methodFilter

o  fileOutCategory: aCategory of: aClass methodFilter: methodFilter on: aStream
file out all methods belonging to aCategory, aString onto aStream

o  fileOutCommentEndOn: aStream
Writes a comment end mark on aStream.

o  fileOutCommentLine: aString on: aStream
Writes a single line of comment on a comment to a stream.

o  fileOutCommentStartOn: aStream
Writes a comment start mark on aStream.

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