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Class: VisualPart



Compatibility-ST80-Graphics-Display Objects
rev: 1.28 date: 2018/10/31 11:39:07
user: cg
file: VisualPart.st directory: libview2
module: stx stc-classLibrary: libview2
Claus Gittinger


abstract superclass for all kinds of visual components, which
are containers for some other component.
This class and its subclasses (currently) exist mostly for
ST-80 compatibility - to provide a home for ported PD classes,
which depend on the VisualPart hierarchy.

    this class was implemented using protocol information
    from alpha testers, from reading PD programs and 
    from the Hopkins/Horan book.
    - it may not be complete or compatible to the corresponding ST-80 class. 
    If you encounter any incompatibilities, please forward a note 
    describing the incompatibility verbal (i.e. no code) to the ST/X team.
    This is still being constructed - not yet finished.

Related information:


Instance protocol:

o  beInvisible

o  beVisible

o  container
return my container

o  container: something
set container

o  drawableId
return the drawableId of where I am in

o  extentHolder

o  extentHolder: something

o  graphicsContext
return the graphicsContext of where I am in

o  graphicsDevice
return the graphicsContext

o  name

o  name: something

o  originHolder

o  originHolder: something

o  topComponent
return the top component - typically the topView

o  view
return my view

o  visibilityHolder

o  visibilityHolder: newHolder

o  visibilityChannel
self obsoleteMethodWarning.

o  visibilityChannel: something
self obsoleteMethodWarning.

accessing-color & font
o  backgroundColor

o  bounds: newBounds
self assert:(newBounds left isInteger).

o  possiblyInvalidate

change & update
o  update: something with: aParameter from: changedObject
invalidate is always ok - however, it will redraw bg, fg and line

view protocol mimicri
o  bottomInset

o  computeBoundingBox
container bounds

o  computeCorner

o  computeExtent

o  computeOrigin

o  containerChangedSize
my container changed its size.
The default here is to ignore this, but some wrappers like
to resize when this happens.

o  cornerRule

o  create
want myself to be created.

o  destroy

o  device

o  extentRule

o  geometryLayout

o  geometryLayout: newLayoutOrNil

o  invalidate

o  isComponentOf: aViewOrComponent
return true, if I am a (direct or indirect) component of aViewOrComponent

o  leftInset

o  originRelativeTo: aContainer
return the origin (in pixels) relative to a superView,
or relative to the rootView (if the aView argument is nil).
If the receiver is nonNil and not a subview of aView, return nil.

o  originRule

o  realize
my container realized itself.
The default here is to ignore this, but some wrappers like
to do something when this happens.

o  realizeAllSubViews
realize all my subviews - but not myself.

o  relativeCorner

o  relativeExtent

o  relativeOrigin

o  rightInset

o  shown

o  subViewChangedSize

o  subViews

o  topInset

o  topView
return the topView - that's the one with no superview

o  windowGroup

o  withAllSubViewsDo: aBlock

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