People outside eXept, who helped to enhance ST/X by offering improvements, bug reports, fixes, enhancements, language translations or suggestions are (sorted by name):

郭鹏 (Peng Guo)
chinese resource files

Timothy Le Barz
French resource files

Vassili Bykov
wrote the original regex and announcement packages

Travis Griggs
an old friend; also helped with the SUnit Testrunner

Marcel Hlopko and Jan Kurs
libjava and Java VM improvements

Jan Hussaarts
provided nice sample applications

Samuel Shuster
SUnit Testrunner

Jan Vrany
libjava, libtool3, ProfileCanvas, MergeTool, CodeView2, SmallLint, method lookup hooks, czech resource files, many enhancements...

Please let us know, if we forgot someone.
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