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Demos and coding examples

Many demos and coding examples are found in the directories "doc/coding" and "clients/Demos".

The demos are provided for you to get some starting point for your own applications.

Some of these files are to be filed in, others (especially in "doc/coding") only contain code fragments, and are to be evaluated using doIt.
Have a look at those files with the fileBrowser.

Another source of information and examples is the "goodies" subdirectory. Ported goodies and classes from public domain or freeware archives (mainly the Manchester Smalltalk Archive) are stored there.

Finally, many classes provide an "examples" method in their "documentation" category. This usually consists of code pieces which are to be evaluated with doIt.

Among others, interesting in "doc/coding" are:

Utilities found in "clients/Demos" are:

View demos found in "clients/Demos":

3D graphic demos found in "clients/GLDemos":

Misc goodies are found in "goodies":

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