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The most heavily used interactor components are:


The simplest push button. They may have either a string or image as buttonlabel. When pressed, they either perform a predefined action (action block) or send a change message to a model.

Typical uses:


These are typically used as components of a scrollBar.


An on/off switch. These are like buttons, but toggle their state when clicked. Like buttons, they can be used with action blocks or alternatively with a model.

Typical use:


like above, with a check-mark. They are seldom used alone; instead, these are commonly found as a component in a checkBox.


combines a checkToggle with a label. Protocolwise, they behave much like toggles.


Like toggles, but these never turn themself off when clicked again. These are typically placed in a so called RadioButtonGroup, in which buttons turn off each other.

Scrollers, ScrollBars and Sliders

These are typically used as components of scrollable views. Except for sliders, these are seldom used isolated. Like buttons, these can be used either with an actionBlock or a changeMessage to its mdel (passing the scrollbars position as argument). A sliders value range defaults to 0..100, but can be changed as appropriate.

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