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The most frequently used layout views are:


The simplest layout view - all it does is displaying a string or image label in its boundary. You can arrange for the label to be displayed centered, left or right adjusted.
Also, the label can scale its image (even bitmaps !) to make them fit exactly.

PanelView, HorizontalPanelView and VerticalPanelView

Layout views (Geometry managers) are provided to manage a group of other views. For example, a horizontalPanel arranges for its components to to be aligned in a row.
Various layout strategies are available for common situations (left-to-right, centered, spread equally or filling).

Typical uses:

VariablePanel, VariableHorizontalPanel & VariableVerticalPanel

Variable panels allow an interactive change of the relative size ratios. For example, the browser's top list and bottom contents views are usually placed into a variableVerticalPanel.

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