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New Features

Improved Navigation and Presentation

Multiple Encodings
The new browser supports multiple file encodings. It is now especially possible to read and edit UTF8 encoded files.

Embedded Console-Terminal Application

Embedded Archive viewer (Unix Version Only)

Bookmarks for heavily visited directories
Allows for much faster navigation through the file system.

History for directories and edited files
Keep track of which files were edited.

Support for tags
Extracts tags for various file types and displays a tag-list for quick navigation within a file. For this, the output of a standard tags program (tags, ctags) or a builtin tag generator can be used. In addition to C, C++ and Java which are supported by the ctags program, the builtin generator handles source files for Smalltalk, Lisp/Scheme, Python, Ruby, Makefiles, HTML files and many others.

More Functionality

Erase File
Prevents security relevant files (cryptographic keys) from beeing uncovered by "undelete" utilities.
(See also in "HowTo - Erasing Files").

Copy and Move file operations.

Split and Join files.

More file search operations.
Files can be searched by name, contents or a combination.

File system maintenance support operations.
Search for duplicate files etc. This is especially useful when merging directory hierarchies; for example, to find duplicate source-, documentation- or bitmap image files.

Comparing Files.

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