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<!-- another improved version 
  --   use #bindWith: to construct the strings

    <title>99 Bottles of Beer</title>

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    <h2>STT example: 99 Bottles of Beer</h2>
	99 to:1 by:-1 do:[:bottles |

	  remain := bottles - 1.

	    nextPutLine:('<p> %1 bottle%2 of beer on the wall, %1 bottle%2 of beer.<br>'
			 with:((bottles = 1) ifTrue:'' ifFalse:'s'));
	    nextPutLine:('Take one down and pass it around, %1 bottle%2 of beer on the wall.<br>'
			 bindWith:((remain = 0) ifTrue:'no more' ifFalse:remain)
			 with:((remain = 1) ifTrue:'' ifFalse:'s')).
    ] value
    More of this is found at <a href="">http://99-bottles-of-beer</a>
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