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File List

This view lists the contents of the current directory. Depending on the setting of the short/long list flag, either only the filenames or the complete files attributes are shown.

Depending on the setting of the show/hide hidden files flag, hidden files (those beginning with '.') are either shown or not.

File List Menu Functions

This popup menu offers functions that operate on the selected item(s) in the file list.
Notice, that multiple selections are possible - if you hold down the "SHIFT>" key while clicking on an item, items will be added or removed from the selection.

The functions are:

starts another fileBrowser on the current directory, or in the selected directory.

Get contents
same as double click; shows the contents of the currently selected file in the contents view.

Insert contents
inserts the contents of the currently selected file into the contents view at the current text cursor position.

loads the selected file(s) into the system. If the selected file is a Smalltalk source file, it must contain valid Smalltalk expressions in fileOut-format (chunk file format).

If the file is a dll containing a compiled Smalltalk class library, all of its containing classed are loaded after any prerequisite packages (as specified in the package's ProjectDefinition class) have been loaded.

New Directory...
create a new (empty) directory.

New File...
create a new (empty) file.

New Hard Link...
create a hard link (unix only).

New Symbolic Link...
create a symbolic (soft) link.

remove the currently selected file(s) and/or directory(s). A dialog will ask for confirmation.

rename the selected file(s) or directory(s). A dialog will ask for the new name.

Tools - OS Command... (Shell/DOS Command...)
allows execution of any unix(dos) command; a popup box allows input of the command. The output of the command is inserted in the contents view at the cursor position.

Tools - Changes Browser
opens a change browser on the selected (smalltalk-source-) file.
Notice, that the file-format for changeFiles, st-sourceCode and visualWorks parcel source files (pst-files) is the same and understood by the changesBrowser.

reread the directory and update the file list.

This function is normally not needed, since the fileBrowser checks for modifications of the current directory in regular intervals, updating the list automatically. However, a manual update may be needed in certain situations (for example, if the time/dates are out of sync between NFS hosts) or if you do not want to wait for the next automatic update.

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