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Path Field

This field shows the current directories (absolute) path name.
It is also an input field, to type in a new directory - the browser will change to the entered directory when the return-Key is hit in the field.
Notice, that the field allows for fileName-completion (Tab-Key).

Path Field Menu Functions

The path field has its own popup menu, which is activated by pressing the middle button (or the right button, if you own a 2-button mouse).
The functions of this menu are also available via the "Directory" pull-down menu item.
This menu provides functions concerning the current path:
Copy Path
copy the current pathname into the cut & paste buffer. This is useful if you want to paste the full pathname into some other textview or workspace.

change to the parent directory. This has the same effect as double-clicking on the ".." entry.

opens a box to enter the name of a directory to change to. Like every other fileBox, the box performs filename completion with the "TAB" key. Notice, that all fileBrowsers keep a common history of already visited directories; therefore, you do not have to enter the name of a recently visited directory again.

change back to the previous directory.

change to your default directory; that is the directory where stx was started originally.

change to your home directory.

Bookmarks Submenu
A submenu for bookmark managemen and quick goto items for bookmarked directories.

History Submenu
The last menu entries allow a quick change back to recently visited directories. To avoid ever growing menus, only the last few directories (15) are shown in the history list.

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