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Refactory Browser


These classes implement an enhanced Browser, which is especially suited for code refactoring.

the code has not been completely ported (from VisualWorks) yet, and some bugs may show up when playing with this tool.
The code as provided is a snapshot of the current work in progress and should be treated as such.

However, the refactoring- and change management- classes are also used by the NewSystemBrowser, which provides a functionality similar to the RefactoryBrowser's.


Use the source - Luke.


Start the browser with:
    RefactoryBrowser open


This addOn package is NOT to be considered part of the base ST/X system. It is provided physically with the ST/X delivery, but only for your convenience.

Legally, it is a freeware or public domain goody, as specified in the goodies copyright notice (see the goodies source).

No Warranty

This goody is provided AS-IS without any warranty whatsoever.


Found in the smalltalk archives.


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