I invented the term Object-Oriented,
		    and I can tell you I did not have C++ in mind.

		    (Alan Kay)

Smalltalk/X Programmers guide


This is the Smalltalk/X programmers guide. You will notice, that it does not describe the language itself in depth nor will you find detailed documentation on a per-class basis here.

First, for the language itself, there is very good literature available both online or in your next bookstore. Also, an introductionary tutorial is provided, which will teach you within a few hours enough to get started.

Second, for the classes, you can find all the information by looking at the code, using the browser or by reading the per-class documentation of which parts are automagically generated and will therefore always be up-to-date.

The language and class library as implemented and used by Smalltalk/X is highly compatible to that of other Smalltalk systems, which makes existing literature just as useful when learning.

This documentation will concentrate on aspects and concepts of the system which are either not (well) documented in literature or where the implementation in Smalltalk/X differs from other smalltalk systems.

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